Monday, 30 January 2012

GlowMark Energy Consumption Cost Reductions & Carbon Off-Setting

Reduce Your Energy Consumption Costs And Off-Set Carbon Emissions

GlowMark™ Low Cost and Zero Carbon Usage technology will also further enable governments and utilities companies to turn off a big percentage of costly electric lighting, effectively GlowMarks useage will help to provide massive financial savings which are very important in today’s current economic crisis. 

New policies are currently being discussed and explored by councils as well as local and central governments; and many new ideas and initiatives are now being put into working practice by The US, UK and European Union Countries and their governments in an effort to reduce costs and expenditure they are constantly being hammered for. 

Many local councils are now turning off a percentage of street lights due to the current economic crisis and the continuing rise in costs and charges of electricity which are increasing with inflation every year ongoing. 

GlowMark™ technology and products can also provide annual savings of Millions in financial budget terms currently being spent on utilities charges,enabling governments and councils to turn off a percentage of street lighting with confidence because they are making secondary safety provisions for pedestrains who will be walking on pathways in lower lit streets of a nightime, GlowMark provides a visual aid at a low affordable cost to prevent people from tripping over potential useen hazards in lower lit areas in towns,cities, villages and rural areas of a night time.

GlowMark™ technology will enable these big organizations to initiate their sustainablility policies with more confidence whilst also greatly reducing the likelihood of having public liability insurance claims made against them as a result of people tripping or falling due to lower light conditions. 

The massive amounts of money these organisations will easily be able to save annually and the greater reduction of carbon offsets and emissions they can make, will also have a drastically measured and a highly beneficial impact to all major towns,cities and villages everywhere.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

What is the GLOWMARK™ Safety System

What is the GLOWMARK™ Safety System?

The GLOWMARK™ Arrow is a visual boundary marking system that glows for many hours after a short exposure to light. Key applications include:
    • Marine safety: boats, rafts, kayaks, hulls, pontoons, jetties, buoys, harbours, docks and ports.
    • Hospital, Prisons, commercial and domestic safety: marking exit routes and other important areas where high safety visibility is required, to meet with all safety compliances.
    • Textiles: fabrics,, boots clothing and safety apperatus used for emergency use, e.g. to indicate escape routes in all buildings and structures,on planes, trains. boats and vehicles, or even fashion items of clothing.
    • Horticulture and gardening: pathways, ornaments, lighting.
    • Commercial building and industrial safety, e.g. to delineate road works and for traffic management.
    • Mining: Oil and Gas, factories, warehouses, roads, pathways and all fire and exit routes.
    • Agriculture: to mark equipment and potentially hazardous obstacles and land boundaries.
    • Transport industries: road marking, anti-slip step and floor products, signage, extrusions, floor´s & wall´s, pathways and all public areas.
    Main points of products: GLOWMARK™ provides a Boundary Marker Safety System which is illuminated at night and in low-light conditions. The system uses a matrix of fitted GLOWMARK™ units. Each unit emits a highly visible green glow that is easily seen in the dark. The GLOWMARK™ Safety System is a low-cost alternative to expensive electrical lighting and ineffective reflectors habitually used in the above areas.

  • Question: What makes the GLOWMARK™ glow?
    Answer: Our scientifically developed SGC MKII Glow compound is the core of our products which makes them glow brighter and for longer than those calimed by our sopposed competitors.

    Question: Is SGC MKII (Synergy Glow Compound) safe and environmentally friendly?
    Answer: Yes our Glow compound and the plastic componants encasing the glow compound are environmentally friendly and our products can be safely and ecologically shredded and re-cycled to be made into other products when they no longer work.

    Question: Does GLOWMARK™ really glow all night long?
    Answer: Yes Glowmark products really will glow all night long, in fact they will glow for 48 hours after being activated and exposed to ambient light sources for only 8 minutes each day to fully charge them.

    Question: How is the GLOWMARK™ Safety System better than conventional exterior electric lighting?
    Answer: The Glowmark safety system costs less to purchase than conventional lighting systems and does not suffer from componant failures or any replacement and maintainance costs.

    Question: How is the GLOWMARK™ Safety System better than "Cat's Eyes" reflectors?
    Answer: Glowmark safety system is much lower in cost to purchase than Cats´s Eyes´s reflectors with less time consuming and costly installation labour costs attached; and additionally they do not require use of any specialist tools or skills to install.

    Question: How is the GLOWMARK™ Safety System better than solar-powered lights?
    Answer: Glowmark safety system is lower cost to buy than solar powered lights and it does not suffer from componant failures, nor does it contain any chemicals like solar cells which are hamful to the environment.

    Question: How long do GLOWMARK™ usually last before they must be replaced?
    Answer: Glowmark products come with a UK manufacturers guarantee to work for 5 years, but in reality they will carry on working for 10 years or possibly longer.

    Question: How much do GLOWMARK™ cost?
    Answer: Each GLOWMARK™ costs £4.50 (distributor price)(around £80 per unit cheaper than some of the light-giving solar competition). Please for contact us direct for bulk purchase order discounts. 

    Question: How will I save money by using the GLOWMARK™ Boundary Marker Safety System?
    Answer: Glowmark is an all round winner how ever you want to look at it, because the cost of electricity and other forms of energy soars ever higher every year with inflation!

    Question: So is the popularity of the GLOWMARK™ Safety System effected as an alternative to conventional lighting methods?.
  • Answer: Glowmarks rising popularity is driven by the system's relatively low purchase prices and our technologies extreme versatility in lowlight or dark conditions.

    Example: A box of twenty (20) GLOWMARK™ units costs £90.00 and will cover a linear distance of fifty (50) meters on a cycling path or walking trail. If that same distance were lit by electrical lighting, the cost of hardware installation alone would be much greater well in excess of 1000.s of pounds euros or dollars.
    In addition, the combined cost of maintenance and energy consumption would exceed the total cost of the entire GLOWMARK™ Safety System each month when using conventional lighting methods and products!

    The GLOWMARK™ Safety System uses its own self-contained energy source and does not rely on electricity or other forms of energy to operate. Therefore, it has no effect on monthly or annual operating budgets in regard to energy consumption.

  • Question: How easy is it to install the GLOWMARK™ Safety System?
    Answer: Glowmark is very easy to install, please see the fitting instriuctions video.

    Question: Do GLOWMARK™ have any placement or spacing requirements?
    Answer: Glowmark is a liner marker system and we recommend spacing on average of 2-5 meters apart, but this is also dependent on the type of application you require it for.

    Question: Is there a maximum number of GLOWMARK™ that should be used?
    Answer: As we have explained Glowmark is a liner marker system so the quantity used will depend on your own requirements and use, however we can offer further usage advice guide lines upon request because the GLOWMARK™ Safety System is an "open-ended" product. There is no limit to the number of GLOWMARK™ that can be used to illuminate a public area. We reccomend that Five meters is the maximum distance between each GLOWMARK™ in order to maintain the system's effectiveness at night and in low-light conditions. Obviously, there can be less distance which will require more GLOWMARK™ units for any given length of pathway.

    Conclusion: As the name suggests, the main objective of the GLOWMARK™ Safety System is designed for Safety. Therefore, the methodology and objective goal is to space the GLOWMARK™ units close enough together to give pedestrians and cyclists enough visual ability to use all public area´s safely at night and in low-light conditions. But regardless of how the GLOWMARK™ Safety System is configured, simply having one in place we believe is a step in the right direction for everyone.

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