Monday, 28 November 2011

UN Climate Discussions in Durban South Africa

Our company Synergymc2 Innovations offer a new carbon neutral solution,
with low purchase costs & no ongoing running or maintaince costs that can
easily be achieved from using our very diverse energy saving products.

GlowMark™ and our new innovative technology are at the front end of the of
green, low carbon research and developments focusing in new technology
developments sectors. Our significant cost and carbon reducing initiatives
that are generated by the use and installations of our new innovative
technology is the reason our company mission & phylosophy "are aiming to
help the planet with our green and clean energy concept proposals".

Please view the statistics and guaranteed percentage reductions of carbon
emissions & financial cost saving of money being spent by us all, the
reports charts and tables on our website all clearly illustrate GlowMarks™
clear advantages verses 3 competitive products & the reasons why we
believe our groundbreaking technology will help the MENA countries and
their governments who are context supportive of new carbon reducing
initiatves verses fossel fuel power and conventional lighting methods.

Governments have been advised to co-operate & develop clean energy
infrastructure as they seek to meet their region's increasing demands to
remove their carbon footprint and to greatly reduce C02 emissions which
are causing global warming; and which will carry heavy taxation from
governments within both the compulsory and volantary carbon markets by the
middle of 2012.

We believe using our innovative technology we will all be able to
provide, help and to support the many challenges of supplying clean, green
energy to create a more sustianable economic platform to meet the rising
demands of the worlds rapidly expanding population by using our
initiatives as an opportunity to work together on "visionary" projects
truly "together as one in Synergy" because we both know and realise from
our research that your organization are also context supportive of meeting
such challenges.

"Energy is at the core," of current world government discussions because
of the current economic crisis, and new policies who are now being
introduced through incentives to offset and trade carbons through several
carbon credits platforms which are fast becoming one of the biggest new
growth setors for investors in new commodities markets worldwide and such
systems have been designed to help keep emission levels capped below
guidlines which are being set by central and local governments and
councils in the UK, the European union states and nearly all worldwide
continents and countries who signed the Kyoto protocol.

Use the link below to gain access to our company website where you
will be able to clearly see & identify the massive cost savings and
carbon emissions reductions that can be easily achieved by using GlowMark™

Additionally GlowMark™ are interested to negotiate license agreements and
investment opportunities with your organization or any of your current
investors and netwoking member companies who may also have an interest
for you to become involved with our project. The invested funds will be
used to put into manufacture and production a full range of GlowMark™
products that form and complete a Tactical Safety Marker and signage
system we have designed, which is ready to go into manufacture and
additionally many more products which are yet to be discovered. 
GlowMark™ Company website: 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Product News

Our innovative technology uses no harmful chemicals in its manufacture process rendering it 100% environmentally safe and recyclable. 

GlowMark uses no electricity, batteries or solar to charge or power it, therefore it is zero carbon neutral enabling us all to use it as an intelligent form of alternative lighting for all external areas traversed by humans. 

Use of our technology will enable local councils and governments to greatly reduce their consumption of rising cost electricity charges they are being continually hammered for on rising annual charges with the costs of inflation. 

GlowMark with also greatly reduce millions of tons of carbon emissions that are causing Global Warming. 
Please read the news reports for product analysis and a comparison with other similar products on the about GlowMark page of our website. 

You can also click on the GlowMark uses tab and when you click the product pictures you can read Pdf reports about our products many uses and applications which will not only create more safety awareness for members of the public in many areas of towns and cities. 

GlowMark will further help to reduce the purchase costs being paid for similar products which are currently being used and consumed; and all of which use either electricity, batteries or solar cells to power or charge them and many of which are in fact harmful to the environment. 

Additionally increasing carbon consumptions and costly disposal of these other types of products when their life cycle usage has expired are becoming increasing costly to governments. 

We look forward to being contacted by you all. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

GlowMark Seek Stakeholders for Hybrid or Pledge Funded Investment Opportunity

GlowMark are now in a position to talk and negotiate with stakeholders who have interest to provide hybrid or pledge funding investment for our new range of innovative product lines which are currently designed and ready to go to manufacture. 

We have several New CleanTech energy saving cost reducing and carbon neutral products in addition to our flagship product, the currently manufactured GlowMark Arrow. Our future product lines have been designed to form and complete a Glow In The Dark Tactical Safety Marker and Signage System with Letters, Numbers and Symbols for use in-doors and out-doors. 

The capitol growth potential for the Licence’s of our technology is huge, with limitless future product lines continually being birthed through an in-house think tank which is dedicated to innovation and research. We carry out this process through continual rigerous reseach and development seeking out new emerging markets and opportunities to keep us at the front end of our new future product developments. 

We are currently in talks and negotiations with several large organisations who are focused on environmental, sustainability & safety projects, providing us with massive potential opportunities to introduce and place our products within many worldwide new growth market sectors. 

We can continue to roll out many new future ranges of products through our continuing and ongoing negotiations with such companies, enabling us to do further reasearch on their behalf to meet with their individual company requirements and demands by re-purposing & re-designing of our technology principals. 
GlowMark innovative technology has limitless potential and diversity through our technologies infinate uses and applications using this methodology.

Interested parties who wish to learn more about this unique opportunity should email us in first instance with a letter of intent.

We will then arrange a conference call with a further view to meeting with you to duscuss opportunities in more detail

Please email: