Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fire Safety and GlowMark™ technology Fire retardant breakthrough

Please view the detailed information and reports below regarding our new innovative tactical safety marker technology and product lines for GlowMark™. 
GlowMark™ believe that Fire Institutions and Fire advisory consultants will all find the information to be of great interest for improving safety levels to guide humans to exit points during the evacuation of all buildings and structures; and particularly for Fire Fighters who have to enter smoke filled buildings and industrial areas when there is a fire or incident they have to attend to.

GlowMark SGCMKII™ Glow compound is also fire retardant and even when the plastic components that encase it had melted at 170ยบ Fahrenheit the Glow compound was not set alight or effected by fire and heat and was still clearly visible and glowing for many hours after.
View Tactical Imaging test report for full information about a very significant breakthrough in Fire safety Technology for helping people escape and to find safely exits during a fire in a building or structure; and which also helps fire-fighters to see where they are going when entering into a smoke filled building, because GlowMark™ technology can also be seen through smoke and fog indoors and outdoors. 

Now imagine the immensely higher safety levels that our products and technology will create, which can aid and help humans to avoid tripping stumbling or falling down a stairway and other hazardous obsticles within areas which are filled with smoke in a building evacuation; we know that stairways have to be used to evacuate a building because the lifts become inoperable due to power being cut-off for safety reasons . 
In addition to this, the dual aspect of the 3M Brand base rim reflective tape which is applied to the edges of the GlowMark™  Arrow Safety Marker base rims will also reflect light back from a fireman’s flashlight, which is another important tactical advantage for fire-fighters when entering a building during a fire, helping them to see where they are going in both the dark and through smoke.  

Also the high Ultra-Violet resistances of our colour base rims means they will not fade with sunlight exposure for long amounts of time and can identify the 5 hazardous levels both indoors and outdoors with their 5 different colour base rims which are used by emergency services such as police, fire-fighters, paramedics and military and comply to E.U Duty of care policies and compliances for both Fire Safety and all other Safety requirements. 

GlowMark™ Uses: Fire Safety escape routes & Exit markings, corridors, pathways, stairways, bridges, tunnels, public areas in towns cities and rural areas, train stations, airports, bus stations, ports, docks, harbours, canals and tow paths, bridle ways, cycle routes; places of worship, sports stadiums, shopping malls, cinemas, nightclubs, car parking indoors and out of doors, in fact anywhere humans can walk, inside or outside. GlowMark™ Safety products provide a low cost, easy to install free of maintenance and running costs universal tactical safety marker system.

Please click the hyper links below to show you further reports and information carried out by Tactical Imaging with GlowMark´s™ unique technology view:

In addition please also view Tactical Imaging´s PowerPoint presentation which shows buildings plan layouts designed for our intelligent palm held software which is currently under more research and developments. Tactical Images PowerPoint presentation highlights the concepts of using and installing the Tac Tag™ GlowMark™ Safety markers system together with software developed for palm held devices to be a definite tactical advantage, so Firemen can identify their exact location in a building or structure with one radio call the the Fire Chiefs and other first response teams outside of the building. GlowMark™ research identifies this will definately save both time and lives which are a very level high safety priority.

By using this easy to apply principal and metodology GlowMark™ are aiming to raise the bar for fire evacuations of all buildings and structures greatly improving current methods that do not use this principal; and which will additionally be creating an easier to identify hazardous zone area in all buildings and structures for fire fighters and first response teams worldwide!
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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Create Better Economic Sustainability By Reducing Your Energy Consumption

GlowMark Energy Saving Cost Reductions And Off-Setting Carbon Emission Levels

  • How concerned are you about reducing your costs through energy conservation?
  • Our new environmentally friendly carbon reducing technology will have interest for many companies who are now heavily focused on environmental sustainability policies; and our product lines will help them all to greatly reduce their current energy consumption to a more affordable economically beneficial level. GlowMark is being sold as a new line of new generation cost saving devices which can be used around people’s homes and gardens, as well as within all commercial and industrial organisations and public areas for low cost safety markings indicating potential hazards etcetera.
  • Our unique product lines use no electric, batteries or solar cells to power and charge them rendering them as a true green cleantech solution because they are additionally not harmful to the environment in any way. All households and companies alike will now be able to save huge amounts of energy and money every month, while further  helping us all to remove our carbon footprint which we believe is a step in the right direction for everyone.
  • Many people rant on about global warming and all we see is a lot of talk & debating but with no definitive actions being taken to correct the process or errors we are all making. We are offering a true green, clean, sustainable and carbon reducing solution which bridges many gaps within modern day society to reduce the rising costs of utilities bills and charges which are going up in price at an alarming rate with inflation; and which we are all being exorbitantly hammered for annually.
  • If you are forward thinking and want to be a part of making some really significant changes to save energy, reduce your costs and carbon emission levels, our technology can help you to combat many of these existing current problems.
  • Solar and LED lighting products contain environmentally harmful chemicals such as lithium which costs governments millions every year for their disposal in land fill sites which is also taking up more space on the planet because of costly toxic waste disposal that is necessary when these products no longer work. Additionally many of these products also suffer from component failures which equates to more system down time, with more costly labour and money being spent for these componant replacements which are continual and ongoing.
  • GlowMark does not suffer from these problems because it is 100% sustainable and self sufficient, harvesting its energy from any ambient light sourse in-doors and out-doors; and requires no further costs for maintenance or replacement of broken or failed components.
  • Do you want to reduce your costs and money being spent on electricity consumption; & to reduce your carbon emissions? If the answer is YES! Then we have the solution at a very low cost affordable price!
  • Take a look at our website and use the tabs to navigate so you can view and read full reports and information about our innovative technology.
  • We look forward to connecting with you.
  • "Together we are changing the world one light at a time!"
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