Wednesday, 28 September 2011

GlowMark™ The New Green, Energy free & Carbon Reducing Techology

GlowMark™ Green, Energy free & Carbon Reducing Techology

GlowMark™ are at the front end of green, low carbon research and developments in  technology developments; and our significant cost and carbon reducing initiative that is generated by our technology, this is the reason our company mission & philosophy and we are aiming to help the planet with our green and clean energy concept proposals.

The incredibly bright and distinct green glow in the dark properties of our technology by far exceeds the claims and efficiency of many of our supposed competitors, which is why our technology clearly indicates potential hazards in lowlight and dark areas traversed by humans everywhere a person can walk, much clearer and brighter for 48 hours or more which is more than enough time to see them glowing through the night or a power cut.

Our products are offering a low cost lighting alternative to high cost electric lighting meaning conventional Street Lights will be able to be turned off enabling councils and local governments and the tax payer to save millions annually on rising costs, whilst additionally reducing consumption of using conventional street lighting methods which many local councils, governments and savvy businesses  are currently making the new policy because they are context supportive of lowering costs and being greener.

The Master Licensing of this patent pending technology will create value for the owner and other users that is staggering. We are interested to talk with all parties who have interest for our innovative technology!

“GlowMark we are changing the world one light at a time”.

Enabling us all to save on costs which are at the same time ecologically reducing carbon emissions

 “Be Green, Be Clean, Use GlowMark™”.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

GlowMark Product Technology Manufacture Licence Agreements

Synergymc2 Innovations and GlowMark are now in a position to speak with companies who have interest to purchase manufacturing licence agreements to use our innovative GlowMark SGCMII Glow Compound to enhance ranges of products your company may currently have in manufacture, or which you may wish to enhance using our technology for your future product designs.

GlowMark Innovative Technology will enhance night time safety and fire safety visibility awareness for users and wearers by simple applications to many items such as safety clothing, boots,helmets and safety apperatus used by Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Ambulance and First Responce teams including Military. The list is endless! GlowMark technology can also be used  for promoting novelty factors on many promotional goods required by companies as well as for manufacturers of childrens clothing and footware items, school bags, laptop bags and mobile phones etc.

Interested parties should in first instance email us direct with a letter of intent to enable us to carry out some initial research and development; and to do our due diligence.
We will then contact you to discuss options and possibilities.

We look forward to speaking with you and to listening to your ideas for your future design requirements no matter how small of big your proposals may be.